31 January 2011

get on your dancing shoes

Dress: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Wedges: New Look

These wedges are comfiest shoes I've bought in a long time! I was a bit worried about the height at first, because I'm pretty tall without the added inches. I'm very glad I bought them in the end though - especially with the free delivery and £15 off that New Look gave me! Score.

As for the dress, it's one of my favourite impulse buys of last year. It's shrunk in the wash so it's a little bit shorter than I'd like, but I'll keep wearing whilst avoiding bending over at any given time!

The whole 'taking photos' issue is starting to really get to me. So much so, I'm looking at purchasing a second-hand SLR from eBay right now. If only I had the money! I've been working with a Nikon D50 this week, which has only spurred me on to buy my very own camera. As much as I adore it, my little digital camera just isn't cutting up to scratch! I guess I have some photography skills after all.


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