16 January 2011

I don't usually do red...

dress: Urban Outfitters

First of all, sorry for how dark the photo is. The flash on my little digital camera wasn't working well enough to show the quality of the dress (well, neither does the darkness but it's better). Also, I know there is only one photo... I was going to do a side-on photo but the camera died. I'll stick one on at a later date. I'm also currently on a search for the perfect place to take my outfit pics. My house has no plain walls... The ones that are plain, I can't take a photo from as there's nowhere to stick the camera. I'll figure something out.

This week, I have been mega busy sorting out work experience and intern placements. I'm not going to say anymore, just in case I 'jinx' it, but I really hope I hear back from somewhere. Other than that, I've been enjoying the first week without any university work to do... One week left and then I'm heading back to Sheffield for the last 3/4 months of uni life. SCARY.


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