29 January 2011

Turned to stone

Shirt: Primark
Vest: H&M

I'm incredibly impressed by Primark lately (I never thought I'd say that). This shirt was £10 and exactly what I was looking for. It's a nice alternative to this and that, and it hasn't fell apart on me yet, which is a major breakthrough for Primarni clothes.

The first week of last semester is officially over. I'm already getting freaked out by the amount of work we have to do. A few include a group lifestyle blog, a digital media essay, learning how to take decent photographs and actually taking 10 good photos in order to get a better mark than 50-something% last year. I have my stress head on already.

Some good news though: After applying for about 30 different work experience places and internships, I've finally heard from one of them. I have work experience lined up at children's TV programme 'Milkshake!' in London. One huge problem: I don't live in London... So if anyone has a spare room I can sleep in when I go, please let me know! Don't fancy sleeping in Canary Wharf tube station, that's for sure.


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