05 February 2011

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After quite a few months where my hair was getting more damaged and lifeless, I have FINALLY got it cut. Not completely different but it's definitely a nice change. Dyed my hair a darker brown, simply because the hair dye was bought aaages ago so thought I'd use it. I wanted to try the new Nice n Easy foam dye, but couldn't decide on a colour... This'll do for now. The photo doesn't do the colour much justice though. Oh, and hello fringe!

Unfortunately, my photoshoot had to be cancelled today because I'm suffering from flu-ey symptoms today. BLEURGH. I'm drugged up on Day Nurse, home alone, sat on the sofa watching Come Dine With Me with the cat snoozing on my lap. What a fun Saturday! If these tablets kick in, I'm hoping to get some photos taken later on in my garden (not exactly a glamourous location but it'll do).

I did manage to get some photography skills going yesterday, as I took over 100 photos of Lotte, my baby niece. Some turned out well, most not so well... Good try for a first go though I reckon! I'd post some up but I don't really want my 1 month old niece broadcast over the Internet, so you'll just have to trust me on that one!

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