22 February 2011

LFW top five... Or three

February was a very important month for fashion. It brought us London Fashion Week – each day bringing us the newest looks and trends for autumn and winter 2011. Designers coming to the city from here, there and everywhere, ready to inspire and persuade us to update our wardrobes with their clothes. Okay, blah blah, most of you already know this!

I was meant to be there, sat on the front row between Hilary Alexander and Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman (okay, that’s a lie, but I was supposed to go!) So instead, here I am, trawling through Style.com... The next best thing.

Already decided on my top 5... But here's three of them to keep you going.

Topshop Unique went to the early 1930s Americana era, with poodle-like hair, black heart shape on noses, geometric shapes and a lot of faux fur. It was a 101 Dalmatians funfest, mixed with black-tie sophistication and Art Deco motifs.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label stuck to the other side of the world and gave us pure British electric fashion. Full of pinstripes, plaids and mannish uniforms, Westwood threw in a few neon feathers to keep her eccentric style alive. She even brought in her TK Maxx special – the Comic Relief t-shirt – for good measure.

Enter PPQ, who brought us monochrome, Catwoman headgear and Elizabethan and Victorian detailing. It’s borderline witchcraft, with a hint of doll-like facial features and structured tailoring.

Tomorrow, I will bring you some Body Amr and Mary Katrantzou, but for now I bid you goodnight.

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