07 February 2011

The Look Show

Photo via Now Magazine

LOOK magazine never fail to show me the latest trends, news and the hottest new items to buy on the high street. As much as I love Vogue, I love LOOK just as much because it features things that I can afford (and being a student means I'm pretty broke all the time).

With London Fashion Week fast approaching, the magazine is hosting its own catwalk show for the public on 18th February. Tickets for the event are now gone and only a few lucky people won their chance to go. I was one of the unlucky girls. Damn it.

The show began last year, which created such a buzz that they've brought it back for another season! High street beauties strutted over the runway in brands including River Island, Warehouse, French Connection and New Look, model Crystal Renn showed us that plus-size women deserve their place on the catwalk, and Diana Vickers ended the show with her performance.

Photos via LOOK

I'd give anything to go this year, but I guess I'll have to wait until the next season arrives to apply for tickets. For those of you who have managed to grab some tickets, I'm not jealous at all. Not one bit... Nope. (Grrr).

Check out LOOK's website for updates and news on the upcoming show HERE!

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