09 February 2011

SATC... The Prequel?!

I bloody love Sex and the City. Well, my best friends have named me the new Carrie Bradshaw (due to the journalism, the shoes, the boyfriend, the clothes...).

With the films being very popular in the box office, word has it that a THIRD installment will be on our screens in the future! But it won't be featuring the original cast, because it's based in the past.

Yes, that's right. We'll be welcomed into Carrie's life before freelancing at Vogue, owning too many shoes (as if I just said that, you can never have too many!) and experiencing heartbreak from Mr Big about a gazillion times.

And who better to play young Carrie than the beautiful Blake Lively.

Photo via Vogue

This is merely just a rumour for the time-being, but she looks like a very suitable candidate for the role! I'm booking my seat in the cinema already.

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