07 February 2011

smiles all round

Just a sneaky shot of a bunch that my boyfriend took of me in the garden this weekend. Bare in mind, I was suffering with flu so I wasn't all there at the time. Day Nurse is a saviour! Incredibly relaxed shoot, if I'm honest, and very embarrassing as my parents were staring at me through the kitchen window. The rest of the photos will appear in various posts... You'll notice a lovely difference as there is no longer a door or a poster behind my photos! Finally.

For those who followed my previous blog, danijohannaFASHION, you'll be pleased to know that I achieved a first for all that work! So thanks to you for supporting me through all of it, if you did!

One last thing... I ordered a dress last week, which has finally arrived, and it's better than I expected! I'm saving it for my niece's Christening, so wish me luck that I don't give in and wear it beforehand. It's a bit of a tight fit, but after some quick-fire dieting before June, it'll fit like a dream. Check it out here (yes, it's from Tesco!)... I got it in the lovely dusty pink shade, but it's also available in grey and red. Bring on summertime!

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