18 February 2011

too dolled up?

T-shirt: TK Maxx
Chinos: Topshop

Decided to wear my Comic Relief t-shirt today... Don't really know why I chose to wear it today. It could be a subconscious thing because it's a month until Red Nose Day... or because I just wanted to be comfortable! You may have noticed my post about these t-shirts that Vivienne Westwood designed, but if you haven't then you better click here! I love this t-shirt, it's so comfy and baggy... I may customise it one day - cut the sleeves off and change the neckline - but I haven't decided yet.

This week has been pure MADNESS. Why? Because I missed the majority of seminars and lectures, I learnt about celebrities turning into 'saints'... Okay, maybe it's not that mad. I did, however, buy a new lipstick by 17, in Showbiz, by recommendation of Gem! It's taken me forever to find the perfect red lipstick... No matter how cheap or expensive they are, they either wear off or they smudge everywhere, including my teeth (and I'm usually pretty good at avoiding that!) Very happy with this lipstick though. Thanks Gem!

Ring: Christmas present, so I don't know. You can get your own at various places, including VIPXO.

You may also be wondering how my nails grew so fast... They didn't, they're just fakes. I found my trusty Kiss Short Square kit the other day so thought I'd treat myself to some long nails! I will grow them one day, once all the uni stress has finished. Also noticed how nearly all my bright nail polishes are too old to use anymore, so I bought myself a new one - Models Own in Feeling Blue. Made me feel all summery despite it being so cold outside! The fact that I cleaned the bathroom not long after painting them, and my amateur paintwork is still intact, means I'm rather impressed!

Today is also the day when LFW begins... And I am devastated I'm not there! Pretty sure I disappointed a few of my university magazine's people too, as I managed to get one of my press passes because of them - Sorry guys! I guess I will just sit back, watch all the blogs I follow fill up of LFW posts and photos and try to grab as much inspiration from their experience to write my own piece on it. Booo!

Have a good weekend, lovely people.

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