11 February 2011

Topshop doing their bit for the world...

I absolutely adore Topshop. My entire wardrobe used to be full of their clothes, until recently when I've had to force myself to enter different stores so I can start getting a bit of variety!

My craze may start upon again soon though, with the release of Topshop's fairtrade collection. I love the idea of fairtrade clothes. It makes me feel like I'm doing something to help the world - which in fact you are, as fairtrade helps the third world countries earn a better wage for their produce.

I can only presume these clothes may be a little bit more expensive than normal, but if that's the case, it won't stop me from buying anything! It's all worth it in the end. The range is named 'Snake Valley' and features a lot of fringing, denim and capes - judging by these preview snaps taken from LDNfashion.

I personally love the fringed vest... Beautiful bold colour for the summer! These clothes will be on sale from the beginning of Fairtrade fortnight, starting 28th February, so make sure you head down to your local Topshop then!

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