07 February 2011

What is Katy Perry wearing?!

I do love Katy Perry, but when she decided to wear this purple number, I'm doubting her fashion sense...

Photo via Daily Mail

Promoting her new perfume, Purr, she wore a very daring low-cut dress, with her neckline attached by a sheer mesh, so her dignity was still intact (well... only just). I bet Mexico City didn't expect that!

I know her style can be quite 'out there', but as she's an influential singer for young women, maybe a bit more coverage would have done her more justice? This outfit would have been fine if worn in the evening, but a simple promotion in the daytime? Nah. She still looks fabulous, but she just needs to put them away a bit more in case the mesh breaks off and she falls out for all and sundry to see.

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