19 February 2011

yet another jewellery craze!

I seem to be getting more obsessed with jewellery nowadays. Whether it's oversized rings, chunky necklaces or stud earrings, I need them in my life. Now, the obsession has broadened after I found jewellery boutique Babi Online. They sell a mix of vintage, kitsch, handmade and intricate jewellery.

After trying to decide what to buy for a good 45 minutes, I ordered 3 beautiful pieces. Turns out I was their 'fifth order' after their announcement of the Mad Dash Session, so I received two free gifts. A nice surprise and bonus to my day!

Here are the lovely little items that were delivered today (in the cutest envelope ever, with a patterned banner and a green elephant sticker!)...

Iced Starbucks Coffee Necklace

When Doves Cry ring

Yellow gummy bear earrings

Unfortunately these earrings were slightly damaged, as they were stuck to the card... After peeling them off, the card decided to transfer onto the gummy bears. They're sending me another set of earrings to replace them though :) I wasn't expecting that at all, so yet another positive for Babi Online!

And the freebies...

Iced Gem ring

Doughnut earrings

All in all, very impressed and will definitely keep check on any new stock they get... and I think you should check them out too :)

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