17 February 2011

You've got to pick a 'penny' or two...

Yesterday, I found a new online jewellery store that I just HAD to share with you guys.

A Weathered Penny is an online boutique, based in London. They specialise in vintage trinkets and alternative kitsch jewellery, which are all handmade.

From necklaces and bracelets to rings and pins, you can find what you need to suit any occasion! I'm starting to really love the idea of owning jewellery that no one else owns, or is handmade so your item is just that little bit different (in a good way) to everyone elses... And for the same price (or cheaper!) than high street retailers, it almost makes it a lot more special to have.

I've already got my eyes on these beauties...

I adore oversized flower rings and the 'Panther' ring is something different - they look intricate but so powerful! As for the antique locket necklace, I've always wanted one so I can stick a photo inside and I haven't seen any as nice as this one.

I'll have to wait a while until I can stock up on these, but check out their website HERE and treat yourself to some handmade treasures!

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