03 March 2011

could have had it all

Shirt: Forever 21
Chinos: Topshop
Boots: Topshop

I was always a bit apprehensive when I bought these chinos... I had to buy them from the Tall section because I didn't want them too short. Starting to love them more now I've bought some black pumps and the weather's getting slightly warmer now. I feel like I'm in the army when I wear my boots with them!

The fashion world has gone a bit mad lately...
1. John Galliano, Dior's creative director, has been sacked... All I see is mixed reactions over this - either it serves him right and Dior made the right decision, or they jumped the gun way too quickly and firing him was a step too far. Then the issue of who will take his place and whether they will live up to the expectations... If Dior will keep their spark without Galliano. My thoughts? Dior will be absolutely fine without him... and he can pick himself up with his designer label (despite his show being cancelled...)! You can see my two posts about him on Silhouette - HERE and THERE.

2. Lady Gaga walked the plank... Erm, I mean catwalk, for Mugler at Paris Fashion Week. Personally, I can't stand her... but she did suit the show (well, considering her stylist is Nicola Formichetti, one of Mugler's designers, she would do). She certainly did bring a certain edge to the catwalk, and anyone who can walk in towering platforms deserves some credit - CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THEM HEELS!

Photos via Daily Mail

3. Apparently, Primark are losing sales. It's one of the cheapest fast fashion stores around, and with the current recession still intact, it's pretty unbelievable. For the last few years, I've pretty much hated Primark, but lately I've actually been willing to go in there myself and even BUY stuff! It's got a lot better since then, yet the sales are dropping? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I can't imagine the store closing anytime soon anyway.

And one last thing, check out my little post about H&M joining forces with Fashion Against Aids HEREEE.


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