01 March 2011

i've got the superhero look...

A while ago, I posted about MAC's new Wonder Woman collection. Selfridges have now released the makeup before MAC, itself, on their website... So if you haven't checked it out yet, go do so now (or when the shop is open...)

Whenever I go home for a weekend, I always find myself wandering about Birmingham's Bullring, dragging my heavy suitcase around each shop until I really have to catch the train home. I caught myself doing the same thing on Friday and couldn't resist popping into Selfridges to check out the new range of colourful makeup.

Outside the third floor, you notice cartoon-like images leading the way to the Wonder Woman section of the store. You look up to find two gorgeous women in platform heels, scraped back hair and the entire makeup collection plastered on their faces. If anything, it put me off going over a little bit as I looked a bit of a mess! Nonetheless, lashings of bright colours draw you in and soon enough I found myself seated in front of an assistant who was offering to show me the makeup.

With the glitter pots and eyeshadow quads staring at me, (yes, they were), I asked how to apply the glitter onto my eyelids. The girl chose a silvery base colour, adding a blue shade of eyeshadow on top, before applying the silver glitter. I never did find out how to actually apply it - I guess I'll have to remember how the brushes felt on my eyelid and figure it out myself! Plus, glitter was allllll over my face afterwards, which I wasn't best pleased with as she didn't offer me a tissue to wipe it off.

(apologies for the awful quality - it was taken on my iPhone!)

I needed some new volumising mascara, since my trusty Benefit Bad Gal mascara is way out of date. The assistant put some black mascara on my lashes, just so I could make sure it's good enough to replace my other one. You can't tell on the photo, but I was pretty impressed with it... So I bought it.

It hasn't failed me yet - it lengthens my eyelashes, stays on all night and isn't clumpy or hard to apply. Yay! Definite recommendation with the mascara... Not so much the eyeshadows and glitter though.

Have you had your make-up done by the MAC specialists? Bought anything from the collection that I haven't mentioned? What do you think of it? :)


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