30 March 2011

Lush's BB Seaweed face mask

The other week, the lovely people at Lush sent me a sample of their face mask, BB Seaweed. I'm a face mask virgin - I've always been worried about using face masks in case they make my skin react to it in a horrendous way. Now? I've faced my demons and decided to give it a go, as it may end up being the best thing I've done for my face.

The thought of seaweed being rubbed on my face didn't thrill me, but it was actually okay. It wasn't rough to apply like I imagined. It was a little bit clumpy, but once you go past the bits of seaweed, it's easy to apply - it's more smooth than it looks.

Smelling of, well, seaweed, I smelt like I was on holiday for the 10 minutes of applying it. I didn't feel that way after 5 minutes though, due to my face turning into stone. I literally couldn't move my lips, which was incredibly strange! I wanted to laugh about it, but alas, I couldn't because smiling was virtually impossible. Like I said, this was the first time I've used a face mask so the feeling was very strange to deal with, without warning!

(ghost face)
Applied more than what it looks on here!

It was very easy to rinse off (after running across the corridor so my housemates couldn't see my mask) and my skin felt really smooth and soft. No added redness or dryness, which was the main worry for me. I think it actually helped my skin a lot, because I didn't feel the need to add any moisturiser after it all.

Thumbs up Lush. I've always been wary of your smelly products, but this has broke through my resistance! Definitely recommend this product - my skin feels amazing.



Cherry Pullinger said...

I'm way too scared to use face masks as I have the worst skin ever but this looks rather scrumptious!

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