10 March 2011


No outfit post today because I have been travelling down to Bath for the weekend. I'm pretty much wearing the same as this though (apart from the shoes) so it's nothing new! Thought my cat is a nice alternative..? He's my pride and joy so he deserves a good mention on here!

Starting next weekend, I'll have some reviews on the go of nail polishes, make-up and skin care products. Rather looking forward to it! I have very dry and sensitive skin, and unfortunately the only products I have trusted are too expensive for a student to stock up on. I've now decided to take a risk and try out various cheaper products to see if they work their magic. If you have the same skin type as me, do you have any products that you can recommend? Or warn to stay clear of?

This weekend, I'll (hopefully) be busy starting my photography project. Anyone in Bath fancy some photos taken of them in anxiety? Gender confusion? Making a fool of yourself in the name of photography and my degree? Anyone? Worth a shot!

The boyfriend is introducing me to Eastbound and Down now... It's some American comedy TV show - that's all I know! I don't think it'll beat Jersey Shore, but only time will tell! Anyone else seen it?


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