09 March 2011

steal my sunshine

Dress: ASOS

I know my boyfriend is going to be thrilled when he sees he's on my blog now... But I don't care! I've put this up because I want summer to arrive so I can finally dig this dress back out of my wardrobe and wear it! Ohhhh how I miss my maxi dresses. I also miss holidays. This was taken during a family holiday in Alicante last year... And what I don't miss? The unbelievable amount of wasp nests in the roof and plants, and the wasps (and a hornet!) catching the rays in the swimming pool. BLEURGH. Anyway...

Living in Sheffield during Spring always messes up my wardrobe. No joke. Obviously, you can't expect it to be really warm outside when the sun comes out... but here, it's so much more extreme. Yesterday, I had to dig out my faux fur coat when I walked out the door, but then fell in need of my sunglasses. Apparently, it was spitting snow out of the sky last night as well?! This weather = Fashion fail. I can't wait for it to make up its mind and hit summertime already.

Just a couple of things to tide you over until I find a good amount of time to talk about decent, interesting things (although I hope you find the next two interesting!)...

Check out my university blog, Silhouette! Recent post about Andrej Pejic and his androgynous look... and look out for two articles on three Fashion Design students from Sheffield Hallam uni being nominated for a Bridal Buyers award and the other on Milly Jackson, a fashion design student from Nottingham Trent, who recently won the FAD award! They were all a joy to interview :) very friendly and lovely to talk to! Really put me at ease as it's been a while since I got my interviewing skills out.

Another thing, I've recently became a Sigma affiliate! If you don't know what Sigma are, they sell gorgeous makeup brushes, which I hope I can review a few at some stage. Check out their website here!


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daisy kate said...

I love maxi dresses but they just don't suit me, yours looks lovely though, lucky thing! Thats definitely the worst thing about holidays though - BUGS!

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