05 March 2011

stop for a minute and smile

I've been spending my Saturday watching 24 Hour Panel People for Comic Relief. It's possibly the funniest thing I've watched in SO long. It's great to see all these quiz shows live and the blunders that they make... It makes it all that little bit funnier. Plus, you get to see Kate Moss counting down the hours, and we all love a bit of Kate Moss... Well, I do. It's on until Midday tomorrow so check it out!

Watch out for tomorrow's blog post - my Sunday wish list. Figured I should write my productive posts, but whilst my university work piles up, I'll just post various things (not necessarily clothes!) that I reaaaaally want to buy but can't as I have no pennies. It was going to be a Saturday thing, but I've had to start my first post again because it featured a pale pink midi pleated skirt from UO, which has now sold out. BOOO! If anyone knows what skirt I mean and see it in the shop, PLEASE let me know. (:

In other news, Primark has failed me slightly. It had to happen one day - I was used to hate the place, then it got really good... So it was bound to fail me again! After seeing Lily's post showing her purple pleated skirt, I knew I HAD to buy it. Unfortunately, a 10 was wayyyy too small for me (even though that's my size!) so I bought a 12. Just so happens, the skirt doesn't fit my figure very well anyway. The pleats stick out, giving me right-angled hips. Not a good look. Also bought some navy chinos for £12, which fit me well but the material is horrid. I hate the sort that catches every little bit of dust so it looks like you never wash them. BYE BYE CLOTHES. I did manage to buy 2 necklaces for £1.50 each though, so there was light at the end of the Primarni tunnel!

(Very hard to give these justice through an iPhone)


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