06 March 2011

Sunday Wish List 01

The first of my new series of posts! This one is a bit rushed, considering some of the items I wanted to feature are now sold out... So there's no point in wishing for them right now! So here's a new batch that I want to get my hands on.

Jonathan Aston Feathered Rumi Socks £8
(to make outfits just that little bit cuter)
PPQ for Office Amina Platform court shoes £85
(for my Graduation... and the nights out afterwards)
Pleat Long Sleeve Shift Dress £45
(because you can never have too many shift dresses)
Ornate Pocket Watch Necklace £22
(got into necklaces again and I never wear a watch - best of both)
Kate Garey Bird Vanity Case £22
(I want to use this as an actual hand bag)


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