19 April 2011

breaking the habit

Top: Primark
Vest (underneath): H&M
Shorts: DIY
Tights: Primark
Brogues: River Island

I've decided to do little updates on a certain habit that I'm trying to break. I bite my nails. (cue "ewwww"). I have done this allll my life, I've tried stopping a million times but somehow my nails end up in my mouth and they disappear within 10 seconds. BLEURGH. I go through phases of wearing false nails, but it costs a bomb trying to keep that going. I get so jealous of the girls with nice, long nails, who can paint their nails all different colours and patterns... So now I'm determined to grow mine. Writing about this on here might help me break the habit - I'd rather feel proud than embarrassed from now on, and posting photos of my progress will hopefully achieve that!

So, here we go...

(see, I told you - BLEURGH
proud of my second thumb nail though! yay)

The second finger nail is a prime example of what my nails have looked like for years. No kidding. I've been teased about them at school, getting so embarrassed that I sometimes curl my hands into fists so no one sees them. As you can see, they are slowly growing at the moment, but I have had my moment of weakness with the second nail. Using Rimmel's Stronger nail care and the worst tasting nail stuff I've ever used, they're reappearing... But I have a trusty set of false nails just in case another nail goes missing!

For other news, it's the boyfriend's 21st birthday on Thursday... I'd tell you what I got him but then he'd find out too! We're off for a family meal on Wednesday night, followed by a day out (yet to be confirmed where!), Nandos and a night out in Worcester. Seriously dreading the hangover already!

Last but not least, check out my new post on Groupon's City Blog, naming my top 5 beauty bloggers (: CLICK HEREEE.


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I used to always bite my nails, non stop! for me to keep them long I need to get a manicure ever week or so. It's a lot cheaper than fake nails! Or you can give your self a manicure! -izzy


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