20 April 2011


The lovely Calypso from Clippy London sent me this Clippy make-up bag and I just couldn't resist to tell you all about it...

I absolutely LOVE this bag! As you can see, it fits all my essentials in there perfectly. I love the clashing colours of pink and green, along with the choice of decorating it with various images, so your design is personal to you.

You can even customise your bag for free on the website. You choose the bag you want to order and upload the images you want printed. You choose whereabouts you want each image on your bag, along with cropping them so you don't have to worry about whether they fit in the slot! It's seriously that easy! I was very impressed with how quick it was to use - definitely makes life a little bit easier, so your bag is customised to how you want it without the hassle.

I was very pleased with the look of the bag and the quality of the images. The website gave me a warning explaining how the quality may not be as good due to the specific images I was uploading, so I was completely aware. They look great to me though :)

I haven't stopped using this bag since I received it - it's definitely worth the money. It makes a great birthday present too :)

Click HEREEE to check out the Clippy collection... or HEREEE to look at the customisation page!

Do any of you own a Clippy bag? What do you think of it?


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