27 April 2011

Elf's Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

Courtesy of the Daily Mirror, I was sent a mascara to test out and review for their newspaper.

They sent me Elf's Lengthening and Volumizing mascara.

My eyelashes are naturally long anyway, but I love to volumise them and add extra length. I love my eyes because they're big so this mascara did just the trick...

I can definitely tell the difference - they look longer than usual. It was a little bit awkward to apply. It felt like it was already quite dry when I was applying it but after a few brushes, it started to make a good effect.

For £3.50, I would recommend it over and over again. I've bought so many mascaras lately but they never work for me. They're either clumpy, don't lengthen or volumise as much as I'd like, the mascara doesn't dry so it wipes alllll over my face... This one doesn't. Yes, it may dry a bit too quickly, but overall it hasn't gone wrong for me, and for that price I have no complaints.

You can buy the mascara HEREEE (:

Any mascaras you recommend??



Lighthouse said...

I completely agree, this mascara has been a staple in my make-up bag for quite some time now. For a day-to-day use its pretty good and doesn't leave you with lashes that look like spider legs. Pretty cheap aswell compared to most brands. Deffinately a win in my opinion :) xo

Emily said...

I found it quite dry too when I tried it and never really use it, but you're right that for £3.50 it's really good. I wou;dn't use this for a night out but in the summer I think I'll start using it in the daytime xx

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