01 April 2011

Fashion really does Rock...

(fat face - waa!)

This dress is one of many stunning pieces available to buy at the new FR by Fashion Rocks store in Meadowhall, Sheffield. I was lucky enough to go to the launch day of the store (which was yesterday), have a browse round and to try on my favourite outfit.

This little number is by Dolce and Gabbana... Priced at a not-so-pleasant £405.00, so I was pretty terrified in case I ripped it! Made of silk, it fit the bottom half well, but unfortunately it was a little big around my shoulders :( still love it all the same though.

Then the friendly assistant paired this with some Sam Edelman shoes (to die for)!

I don't think I could walk in them for very long, unless I had a lot of alcohol in my system (but then I'm pretty sure I'd end up breaking my ankle)... But if I had the money, these are definitely on my want list!

Here are some more photos of the store...

Hello Irwin Sparkes from The Hoosiers! (The other two members were also at the store - they performed for the launch night before opening day!)

Definitely recommend to visit the store if you're in Sheffield at any point! If not to buy anything, the clothes and accessories are just too gorgeous to miss. If you can't get to the city, there's another 15 stores opening soon, with the second one being in Stratford centre in London.

I'll be posting a full feature on the store soon on Silhouette, including an interview with Jessica (the store manager) and loads more photos to feast your eyes on.

Thanks to Jonathan for letting me go round the store for my blogs! Very much appreciated (:





Eloise said...

blatant case of dress envy, looks really nice on you too


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

wowowow dress AND shoes.

Helen, X

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