29 April 2011

I do!

I'm not going to write a lot about the Royal wedding... Let's face it, even if you don't really like the Royal family, guaranteed the majority, if not all, of you have watched at least a little bit of the day!

Seriously though... How flipping beautiful does Kate look?!

Photo via BBC News

Seeing Kate in the Alexander McQueen number, with intricate French Chantilly lace sleeves and fitted bodice, made me pretty speechless to be honest. Definitely the perfect choice for the bride.

I've always hoped that it'd be McQueen or Westwood... and as soon as Sarah Burton was spotted going into the Goring Hotel where the bride was staying last night, it seemed pretty obvious.

Did anyone see Prince William's face when he was walking down the aisle before the ceremony? He was trying hard not to smile but could barely contain himself. N'awww. Not so sure about him not wearing a ring though... Seems a bit odd to me!



All You Need Is Gloss said...

I heart Kate's dress! Hopefully it will not put an end to those strapless generic wedding dresses that EVERYONE wears!


The Dress is amazing! She is beautiful as well!

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