15 April 2011

it's supernatural.

(I'm wearing a camel coloured vest underneath the lace top - just so you know!)
Outfit: All Topshop!
Brogues: River Island

Don't you just hate it when you look in the sale and spot some of your recently purchased clothes? My entire outfit has been in the Topshop sale, all in my size too... Sods law.

Anyway! Where's the sun gone all of a sudden? We all got into the summer mood and now the typical English weather has come back to haunt us all. Booo. I refuse to switch back to my winter wardrobe so fingers crossed the sunshine appears again soon... Not too much though - I hate having uni deadlines when it's nice outside!

I'm officially home from university for Easter/for good, so I've spend all of today clearing out my wardrobe and chest of drawers, getting rid of unworn clothes so I can fit everything in. I filled 1 small suitcase, 1 holdall and 1 weekend bag... and I still had to leave some in Sheffield. I'm not sure how I managed to collect so many clothes! The charity shops are going to LOVE me next week when they receive all this.

One last thing: Check out my new post on Groupon's city blog HEREEE! (:

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



Maddalena said...


Michelle said...

Such a sweet outfit, I love the camel and burgundy tones (: Still haven't got round to buying a pair of tapered trousers! xx

NiNJADALiA. said...

Very lovely outfit, you look beautiful! :)


ashlie said...

Lovely blog. cant find the follow button though :(

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