23 April 2011

on the floor

Top: H&M
Skirt: eBay
Sandals: Faith

Had a busy couple of days due to my boyfriend's 21st birthday. We went to the driving range (and I was rubbish), followed by a walk round Stourport-on-Severn and had a go on the arcades, reliving our childhood! Then Nandos, where my mouth was on fire after eating an extra hot chicken wing during Wing Roulette (keep in mind, I usually have it plain, so bleurgh!) and a night out in Worcester where I got too drunk and got lost for ages... then everyone got CS gassed in one of the rooms in the club. I wasn't there but everyone ran out and were coughing everywhere (must admit, was tempted to write 'chundering', but that wouldn't be exactly true). It was eventful to say the least.

Now? I'm home alone for 12 days whilst my parents are on holiday. Waaa! I hate being in the house on my own, especially when it's nighttime. I'm such a wimp. The boyfriend is coming over tonight though and I'm cooking some fooood... He has no idea what I'm making so I hope he likes my idea!

Might do a little photo post of my adventures sometime in the week (: For once, I've actually been pretty busy and making the most of the sunshine. I need to catch up on uni work though... Time is ticking and I haven't done much since I got home! Oopsie.



Cherry said...

Great skirt! I was looking for something like this for myself but I fear I'm a bit too short for this sort of thing!

Emily said...

I always have plain in Nandos too- can't deal with anything hotter!! I don't like being home alone either- hope it goes ok and there are no sleepless nights!xx

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