06 April 2011

see the 'Benefit's...

This week is more of an overview of Benefit products than a review (:

I was casually walking around Boots one day, minding my own business... Then suddenly a dolled-up woman introduces herself and asks me if I want to try out any Benefit products.

I couldn't resist.

As I was sat down for half an hour, she gave me a make-over (over the original make-up I had on... Wise move). I was introduced to these products...

Girl Meets Pearl - liquid pearl
A lovely alternative to That Gal primer - I actually prefer it more!
Play Sticks - foundation in Paper Dolls
So easy to apply and touch up your make-up throughout the day.
Erase Paste - concealer
Brighten up under your eyes and add a bit more coverage to the places you want 'erased'.
Sugarbomb - face powder
A mix of 4 shades of blusher and bronzer, so you can choose a certain shade for one day, or go for the whole mixture in one go for another.
Brow Zings - eyebrow shaping kit
First time I've ever added more definition to my eyebrows - a cute kit including brushes and tweezers and browny colours for your brows.
Ultra Shines lipgloss - Nookie Nookie
It faded away a bit quickly, but felt really nice on my lips at the time.

The result?

(messy hair!)

I did love the look, although my face felt a bit 'wet'. Every time I had an itch on my face, some of the foundation would rub off on my hands. I could have done with some powder to create more of a matte finish. I did apply some after I left and my face felt great afterwards.

I did love the foundation though, especially with the added extra of Tea Tree Oil so it helps your skin as well as covers it. I loved it that much, I ended up buying it ;) With a powder on top, it really looks and feels great on your skin. You don't need to use much of it either, and because it's a stick you can pop it in your handbag for the times you need a quick touch-up. (:

Check out your nearest Benefit counter and see what they have to offer. You don't need to feel obliged to buy anything afterwards (even though I did end up spending some monies), but just test them out and learn how to apply them successfully! I've learnt some good tips on how to apply things that I already own (such as the Dallas bronzer, which is used the same way as Sugarbomb). (:


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