05 April 2011

spotty dotty.

Playsuit: Motel
Wedges: New Look
Scrabble rings: eBay and VIPXO
sorry for the weird photo colour and messy background ;)

I bought this playsuit in the BrandAlley sale and I love it. Had to customise it a bit - added two poppers at the top and below the last button so I'm a bit more covered up! It's near enough perfect now, I love the length of it. I always have problems with playsuits due to my tallness - they always seem so short on me that I'm wary I'm flashing everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and treated your moms on Sunday. Mine got a box of Mother's Day Fancie cupcakes, which she LOVED. She even let me and my dad have a taste and they are delish! The cat also wanted a try, but alas, he was nudged off the table.

(they survived well after a 2 hour train journey, although part of the M disappeared...)

I've given myself this week and next to complete quite a few of my assignments, so I can enjoy some of Easter and not be so stressed throughout May. So far, I've done 0. Eek. I'm hoping a good night's sleep tonight will help give me some motivation to get on with some work!

Now, most of you may have heard of a website called Groupon. Well, they've got a blog, which I was asked to become a writer for. I couldn't say no! Very happy about this - I feel like a fully fledged writer and definitely more confident with myself in the fact I'm a decent writer. Maybe I can finally make a career in fashion writing? Only time will tell I guess. See my first post by clicking here (:

You can catch my new posts on Silhouette HEREEE... and our first podcast THEREEE (you finally get to hear my voice, shockbloodyhorror). I've been a very busy bee!



Michelle said...

Aw that's such a lovely playsuit! Would look sweet with a tan men's style belt round the waist as well (: I love those wedges from NL, still need to buy a pair haha. xo

Jess said...

These wedges are soo pretty!

Love the spots, I'm so in love with play suits, I too have the tallness problem!
x x


Love the playsuit!!

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