17 April 2011

Sunday Wish List 07

There's one thing I've been craving to own for ages now... I thought I got over my obsession, but it turns out I reaaaally haven't!

The Cambridge Satchel Company sell these amazing bags. Starting from £74, you have a choice of different sizes and colours, making your decision so much more difficult! They've even released new flourescent coloured satchels. If I had the money, I'd be ordering the pink or yellow one right this second!

You can check out their entire range HEREEE!

If anyone wants to buy me one of these bags, please feel free ;)



Cait said...

I love these satchels, wish I could afford one, the bright colours are amazing :)

Chloe said...

I always look at these on Asos, my birthday is in September so it is definately on my want list!

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