29 May 2011


I've decided not to do this week's Sunday Wishlist. I actually have nothing to wish for right now... Apart from money, a job, a car and a holiday, but that's a different matter! Instead, I've decided to post some photographs of my time at university (: I'm currently organising a scrapbook for all my memories throughout my 4 years at Sheffield Hallam. These are just a few that I picked out... I've tried to include the people who have been a significant part in my life, but I'm worried I've missed a few people... But if I included everyone, I'd be here all day! So, if any of you are wondering why you're not in this post, chances are you'll definitely be in the scrapbook, so don't be offended ;)

first year housemates

our 'den' from an Early Childhood Studies task...

the usual happenings in flat 32.

pikachu and cruella deville (get back in my life jessica li ♥)

my 20th birthday

pounded love.

v fest crewww.

i have NO idea whatsoever.

popcorn in Embrace nightclub?!

famous on Leadmill screen.

pub golf!


BBQ in Archways.

After Dark fireworks.

my 21st birthday!

me and the boyfrienddd.

Plug nightclub.

the Shoreham Street housemates (and coursemates!)

SHUffle Radiooo


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