01 May 2011

Sunday Wish List 09

The only things I want today are glasses of water and my bed. I'm so unbelievably tired today! But those don't really count for my wishlist... So I thought I'd introduce my potential Graduation shoes to you all ;) You're probably supposed to wear black shoes... but I don't plan to at all. Where's the fun in that?! It's a choice out of two, but I have no idea which to go for... I want them both - can't resist Irregular Choice!

Vote? (:

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Luke Presland said...

I do enjoy reading your blog so I thought I would give my input. Its not something i'm will to admit mind you as my girlfriend thinks i'm gay as it is. I'll continue to be a secret fan!

Shoe number 1 without doubt - Much more choice with the rest of the outfit.

Carina said...

Hmm both are cute, for I prefer the first pair :) can't resist floral print

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