16 June 2011

Goodbye Kidderminster... Hello Zante.

So, it's officially the day I leave for my holiday! EXCITED. A week in Tsilivi, Zante. Yay. After everything that's been going on lately, and even feeling pretty ill during the last two days, I really can't wait to just kick back and relax in the sun for a whole week. I'm hoping it will help me get motivated when I'm back to start writing properly again.

I've had my pampering sessions so I'm raring to go. Is it just me or is the pamper session just as exciting as the actual holiday? It always makes me feel really good afterwards, and the holiday adds to it.

You get to be nosy in my suitcase!

I'm all packed now - I hope I haven't forgotten anything but it usually happens! My mum is pretty damn good at holiday packing (she enjoys it... So I didn't stop her helping me, haha) so I'm pretty sure I have everything I need. I even have kitchen roll, aha! Numerous outfits (with added cat hair, thanks to Xander for casually walking ALL over my open suitcase yesterday) at the ready... Including a new twill skirt, black ALDO sandals, pink bandeau playsuit and a white t-shirt dress that I'll be using as a cover up. Photos will be on here when I'm back, so you'll see various outfits then (: I would have taken some photos to show you them properly, but they're ironed and folded nicely, so I daren't risk creasing them up more ;)

However I did get a sneaky shot of my new hand luggage bag... It's an Urban Outfitters beaut!

I shall see you all on the 25th (: Have a fabulous week!



KatieWrites said...

Hope you have an amazing holiday. Zante has to be one of my favourite holiday destinations ever.
Oooh and by the way.. I have that rug! Oh and the Michael Mcintyre book, but I'm sure every owns that, or at least they should. He's hilarious.
Have a great time, and we'll all look forward to your holiday post when you get back. x

Steph0188 said...

Have an amazing time :) so lucky to be getting out of this shitty weather- bring on the sun & drink, hey.
The floral backpack is GORGEOus. I saw one very similar in Matalan, making me want it now

Jenna Suth said...

Your suitcase is looking very organised :) My friends are just back from Zante and they had a great time so I'm sure you'll have an amazing holiday! xo

--Sanam-- said...

I love your floral rucksack! :)

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