04 June 2011

hawaiian air

Cape shirt: Bank
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Primark
Socks: ASOS
Wedges: F&F at Tesco
Necklace & Cameo ring: danijewellery

Notice the necklace? You can buy that (obviously a brand new one, not THAT specific necklace!) or a Teacup necklace for £5 at my shop (: I'd also like to apologise for this outfit post, as I've blatantly cheated today. It's waaay too hot for this outfit! Truth is, I wore it a few days ago. I'm quite glad I had it for today's post though, because I'm wearing the exact outfit as this one right now, apart from the sandals - bought some beautiful Aldo ones, but I'll showcase them another day!

Ever since I saw Topshop's cape shirt a couple of months ago, I wanted to buy it - but I couldn't justify spending around £45 on one. Of course, I regretted it ever since and have been hunting eBay a lot in order to win it... It never happened. Now, I'm not one to shop in Bank (apart from my Hooch and Bench days back in high school), but this shirt caught my eye as soon as I set foot in there (my nephew had some clothes to return, which is why I was in there in the first place). £25 later, and this is beautifully hanging in my wardrobe! I'm actually really happy that I didn't buy the Topshop version - not only for the price, but personally I think it's much nicer and better quality.

The boyfriend is currently sunning it up (and most likely getting sunburnt) in Cyprus right now. I've been trying to keep myself occupied this week by shopping, cleaning, gardening and working (well, that starts on Monday, but it still counts as he's not back until Wednesday). My holiday with him is in 2 weeks and I can't bloody wait. We're off to Zante for a week - never been to a Greek island before so I'm nervous/excited! I've been pretty busy buying things for the holiday, including some new clothes, so I may do a little blog post on summer wear soon (:

But before that, I'm going on a spa day and night out in Birmingham with my best girly friends. We all deserve it and it'll be amazing - we haven't done anything like this before so it's fair enough to say we're buzzing!! haha. Exact a couple of blog posts full of our antics on Thursday/Friday!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! I'm off shopping to (hopefully) buy the last few things for my holiday! (:


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Michelle said...

Such a gorgeous cape shirt Dani (: I love floaty, oversized shapes like these. Really like your necklace as well. Aaah I'm so jealous of your holiday, I'm not going anywhere this Summer... yet :-P Have a lovely weekend! xx

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