11 June 2011

hello and good night blogosphere

Possibly the quickest blog post I have ever written! My first week back at work has left me so tired, then I was away for two days... I completely forgot about my blog and my writing. Not good.

Say hello to my new pretty feather earrings, courtesy of Victoria. She still sells them in various colours so go and grab a pair before they sell out!

I'll be posting all about my spa day and night out in Birmingham during the week - it was so much fun! Definitely need to plan more stuff with my girls more often... We never get chance to go away like we did, but I'm pretty sure we will all try and make some time in the future to do something similar again. (:

I go on holiday on Thursday. YAY! The boyfriend is already tanned, so I've got A LOT of catching up to do. Bought a couple of new things for my hols, which I'll share with you before I pack them away! I already started packing last week for it, so I must be excited, haha.


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