29 June 2011

Here comes the graduate

Just a quick blog post today... My head is all over the place with emotions today.

I now have my final degree grade. And I managed to achieve a...


I thought I got a 2:1 when I was trying to work out my grade... And that was what I was expecting to read (which I was already very happy about!). When I read that I got a First Class grade, the tears flowed. A LOT. So much so, my mum thought someone had died before I told her (haha true story).

I honestly don't like bragging much about things, but... There's nothing wrong with being proud with your achievements, right? I could literally scream from the rooftops because I'm so happy. After messing up my A Levels and my 2nd year of uni, I've had to work SO hard to get this. And it's paid off (:

I must say a MASSIVE well done to all of my fellow journalists too, because we've all achieved so much and done so well :) we all have a lot to be proud about right now. WE DID IT. Bring on Graduation! (in November... what a long wait!)

Now, I'm on the job hunt for lifestyle writing, broadcasting or social media. If anyone knows of anything, please let me know ;) Preferably in Birmingham or Bath/Bristol... Money is a bit too tight for me to go anywhere else right now!

Good luck to you if you're waiting for any grades at the moment :)


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Jenna Suth said...

Well Done!! Thats amazing news!! xo

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