26 June 2011

Holiday make-up

When it comes to wearing make-up on holiday, there always seems to be a contrast and many questions asked - What kind of make-up should you use? Should everything include SPF? Do you wear make-up to the beach or poolside? There's never a right or wrong answer, it's purely opinion.

For me, I never wear make-up during the day. Personally, I don't see the point in it as I don't want to worry about my eyeliner smudging and running from the water... and to be fair, you sweat somewhat when you're somewhere hot! Make-up would melt off my face. Gross but true! I do feel a bit strange wearing no make-up, especially eyeliner and mascara... But I got used to it after a while. My eyes were hidden behind sunglasses a lot of the time anyway so it didn't really matter!

I have no problem with others wearing make-up though. I noticed Lily talking about how she wears make-up on holiday, and that some agreed and disagreed with her. It's her choice, as it is everyone else's, if you want to wear some or not. You're entitled to your own opinion and your own choice... No persuasion or hating needed. (:

Now obviously, I took some make-up for the nighttime but I only ended up using a few products when my tan started appearing (my foundation would look sooo weird if I applied it on top of a nice tan!) So here's what make-up I used...

Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer pressed powder in 02 Stay Neutral, Barry M's Wink Marker Pen, Benefit's Posietint, Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer, Models Own's nail polish in Blooboo, Barry M's 3 in 1 Mascara, Collection 2000 Angelic Eye Palette, ELF's Eyebrow Kit.

I also took Benefit Play Stick foundation in Paper Doll, Bare Mineral's foundation in Medium, Witch Anti-Blemish pressed powder, Benefit's Benetint and Benefit's High Beam. I used the Bare Minerals foundation before my tan appeared, along with Benetint on my lips. Everything else wasn't touched! Bit of a waste, but never mind, I had to prepare ;)

And here's the first go at my Models Own nail polish that I was sent a fair while ago...

Bit of a messy job... I stupidly forgot to take some nail polish remover to tidy it up! Ah well!

I must say, I absolutely love the colour! Made sure I had a couple of coats on so it showed up nice and bright. I usually go for nude or pale pink coloured toenails on holiday, but I think I've converted to bright, summery colours from now on! It went on very well and dried pretty quickly... It did chip, but I think that's purely because I was on holiday and doing a lot of things, like waterpark etc. Since I've been home (from Friday morning) the colour has pretty much stayed put so I'm pretty damn happy with it!


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Cherry said...

This looks great for wearing on holiday, really simple!

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