28 June 2011

My holiday day outfits!

We didn't take many outfit shots during the day (because let's face it, I lived in bikinis majority of the time!) so here are just a few... You can find the links directly to each item or to an alternative, as majority of these are from last year's collections!

Playsuit: ASOS (similar to this)
Sunglasses: Topshop (alternative)
Flip flops: Topshop
(see a trend forming?!)

All Topshop! (trend's still going!)
Top alternative
Shorts alternative
Headband alternative

All Topshop - again!
Hat alternative
Shorts alternative

Bikini: I'm sure you can guess where! (alternative)

Bikini: Topshop (alternative)
Sunglasses: Fake Raybans from Tsilivi (hooray, something not from Toppers!)

I promise you - my nighttime outfits are a lot more varied! Majority of what I wore during the day are from last year, so I doubt you'll be able to buy them now. I feel like hanging my head in shame right now. I'm a bloody Topshop advertisement as per.

I had two other bikinis with me, but no photos of them, and they're both from last year so I can't find the links to them! They were similar to these and this top and bottoms though :)


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sell timeshare said...

It is hard to find and choose a holiday outfit, it is time wasting and so expensive but I find it so interesting because of your blog. I like all your outfit but I like most is the 2nd picture. It look so simple but so cute.

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