13 June 2011

we love tom's mum

Last week, I visited Bannatyne's Health Club and Spa in Brindleyplace (Birmingham) and had a few too many drinks with my best friends. We've never done anything like this together before so we were all super excited! And the day/night didn't disappoint.

We managed to get 2 for 1 vouchers for the spa, which included a Swedish back, shoulder and neck massage or Elemis facial, and finished off with a scalp massage. We were all cheeky and asked to swap the scalp massage for a leg massage... and went for the back, shoulders and neck too. It was bloody painful! I definitely felt a difference in my shoulders and neck, but a day or two later, I was aching so much. We spent majority of our time in the jacuzzi though... Didn't get chance to make use of the pool or gym because we had to relax after treatments. I also found out I'm not a fan of saunas or steam rooms... My face did not react well to them and it ended up looking spotty and burnt! I expected some redness but that was beyond what I though! I'm a bit of a wimp though - I think I lasted less than a minute in both of them before I felt like I was suffocating. Oops.

After the spa, we checked in at the Travelodge on Broad Street and sloooowly got ready for the night out. We ate at Around The World in 80 Dishes - I've never been before. I'm always wary about buffet-style restaurants because I'm such a fussy eater, but I loved it! We had cosmopolitans and wine then headed out to a bar. I won't go into what we witnessed at the first bar but it was disgusting. It could have easily been a scene from a Chinese porno (not that I know what they're like, hahaha) but you get the idea!! Bleurgh! We left for Walkabout and ended up staying there for the rest of the night, getting free t-shirts and having a good ol' dance! Good times.

Introducing 'The Wednesday's do Birmingham/Brummie Shore' (not really... we were well behaved! And we went on a Wednesday and wanted a group name... we're not weird. Honest.)

And just in case you were wondering... This is Tom's mum!

My dress is vintage from Cow in Sheffield a couple of years ago. I wore some grey New Look wedges with it, a black heart-shaped bag... and a free 'I heart Tom's mum' t-shirt, c/o Walkabout! I felt a bit like I was reliving my university freshers week - not every night you get a free tee to parade around in!

Have you ever been to a spa? If not, I highly recommend it, especially if you find a special offer! If you have, where did you go and what did you think? (:


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