03 July 2011


(no make-up, bleurgh)
Top: New Look
Skirt: Vintage on eBay
Shoes: Topshop

How lovely has this weekend's weather been? :) it's about time we had some more decent sunshine!

I bought a few nice things, two of which in the Topshop sale. I finally own a pair of palazzo pants, along with a black knitted cardigan (I've wanted one for ages for winter!). Primark was also a winner as I bought a pair of cream platform heels and a pair of blue lace-up wedges. I usually never have any luck with Primark shoes, so I'm really glad they fit! I wanted a pair of cream heeled shoes for a while, and I'm quite amazed I found them in Primark of all places! Photos will appear soon - might wait until next weekend though as I'll be wearing the cream shoes and palazzo pants then!

Yesterday, I was treated to a surprise BBQ by the family. I was pretty shocked! My boyfriend got me to walk round to my sister's house (with a bit of persuasion by my mum too)... and there were most of my family sat in the garden waiting for me to arrive to celebrate my degree grade :) Drinks, food, games and a 'celebrate' cake! Also got a champagne bottle balloon, which my baby niece, Lotte, LOVED and wanted to eat it. Haha. Again, photos coming soon! I'd put them on now but they're dotted around two iPhones and a digital camera at the moment so I need to collect them all! It was a brilliant afternoon/evening and a lovely surprise :') ended with us watching the boxing match, which I don't usually watch but was quite engrossed by it. Haye was rubbish! Quote my boyfriend, he looked like he was doing an Egyptian dance (or walking like a chicken). HA! True though.

I won't be blogging a great deal this week. I have an operation tomorrow (nothing major!) so it all depends on what happens and how I'm feeling in terms of how much I write. I should have made a few drafts just in case, but truth be told, I've been a bit lazy today! So, wish me luck and fingers crossed I'll be fine on Tuesday to get something posted. (:


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Lighthouse said...

This outfit is adorable! the floral print really sets off the colour of the skirt. I've been searching for a midi skirt for ages now and still haven't found one so i may just look on ebay after seeing this :)

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