26 July 2011

Hello Sigma Travel Kit, get in my life

I've been a bad blogger. As a Sigma affiliate, I was sent the Travel Kit in Black to try out. This was around the beginning of the year and I've only JUST started using them. I repeat... BADDD BLOGGER! Not only do I regret not posting about this sooner, but I also regret leaving it so long until I started using them! And so I shall explain...

look at how pretty the packaging is!

Now, I know I'm not the first blogger to ever review this. It's not exactly a new product! However, I still have to share with you how AMAZING these brushes actually are.

I've never been fussed with make-up brushes. At first, I always used to use make-up sponges or my fingers to apply foundation etc. Further down the line, I owned a variety of cheap-y brushes (which, again, I never used), and Clinique's bronzer brush and foundation brush. The last two were used quite a lot, and to be fair could probably do with replacing, or some kind of deep cleansing treatment!

But anyway - I have focused on using 3 brushes in particular that I have used everyday for the past 2 weeks, and they have yet to fail me.

The Duo Fibre brush was a 'free gift' within the kit... Although it generally is given to you when you order the set! ;) Must admit, I feel a bit special getting a free gift until I found out it was a standard thing to receive. This brush is so soft against your skin, I felt no irritation whatsoever when using it. It spreads and blends your foundation evenly, to the point where you don't need to apply much make-up in order to get good coverage. The only downside I could really say is that some bristles did break and stick to my face, which was pretty tricky to get off without messing up the foundation! That stopped after 2-3 days of use though and I can't think of anymore complaints!

The Large Powder brush isn't the most unique brush in the world, but I do tend to have some issues with powder brushes. My skin gets easily irritated, especially when brushes become quite rough after a short space of time. The brush hasn't. It's literally just as soft now as it was 2 weeks ago when I started using it. I've been using Witch Anti-Blemish Pressed Powder at the moment, and it feels so nice on my face (the powder and the brush, may I add)!

I don't use eyeshadow every single day, mainly because I can't be bothered! Sometimes a little bit of eyeliner and mascara is enough for a day. However, when I do put on eyeshadow, I've been one of those annoying people who only use the little sponge applicators that you get in a palette or in a pack of 5 at a store. No matter how many times people tell me to use a brush, I never did. Until now. The eyeshadows I've been using lately (Collection 2000 Angelic palette) weren't as striking in colour as I had hoped. I blamed the eyeshadow itself, when really it was the crappy applicator I got with it. Enter the Eyeshading brush and my eyes are now like BOOMPH! (Is that even a word?) I won't be going back to a sponge applicator ever again. It's easier to apply, blend and get into any corners or creases.

Have any of you tried any Sigma products? Check out what they have to offer by going to their website (: Word of warning to you UK readers though, this is an American website so P&P may not be the friendliest!



Back to Front said...

Really want to try these now! x

Rachel said...

These all look amazing, I should really try some of these out!

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