08 July 2011

outfit help!

look at how cuuuuuute it is! n'awww

I have been sat in the same place on the sofa (on and off, obviously) for the whole week. To say I'm fed up is an understatement. Having two weeks off work is taking its toll on me, along with the fact it hurts to move and my boyfriend and my mum have been running around to look after me. Luckily, it's not hurting as much now and will only get better (touch wood) so I'm hoping I'll be up and running to enjoy the weekend.

It's my friend's wedding tomorrow and I'm attending the reception in the evening. The next day is my niece's Christening. Busy busy busy! I have my new high heeled Primark shoes ready (along with taking some nice flat shoes in case I can't walk in them), but the outfits are still up in the air.

I bought a dress for the Christening, which I think I'll still be wearing for it. It fits really well and I think it'll be comfortable enough due to it not being tight to irritate the stitches I have! It was only from F&F at Tesco as well...

... Can you believe it?! Definitely one of my best purchases. I bought it a few months ago though so unfortunately it's not on the website anymore (and it was a web exclusive)!

I couldn't find anything to buy for the wedding before I had my operation, so it's either palazzo pants (in the Topshop sale for £20) and a Primark blouse... or an ASOS black maxi dress, which I've worn on holiday before. I still need to go for comfort, without looking underdressed. All my other dresses will be too tight to wear or I've worn them too many times to wear them to a wedding.

Sorry for the crappy quality!

What do you guys think?

I've also just got my hair ombre'd/dip-dyed blonde. EEK. My two best girls came over this evening to help me, as I'm pretty damn useless with my hair. I didn't want it too blonde - at least not for the first time getting it done anyway, especially with a busy weekend ahead. I can't afford to mess my hair up completely right now! They did a wonderful job though and here is the finished look... Not straightened may I add. And I only used Photobooth so it doesn't show up very well!

Last little thing, I'm still selling jewellery in my online shop. I haven't mentioned it in ages - to be honest, it was the last thing on my priorities, but I'm getting it up and running again! Click here to have a looksie, or via the link on the side of my blog! (:



Aisling said...

Love the christening dress! What a bargain! I would definitely go for the maxi dress for the wedding, I think a dress just makes it instantly more 'dressed up'. Hope you continue to feel better and heal up :) x

bee. said...

In love with your purchases!

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