05 July 2011

Recovering with a Graze Box

So, this is my first day after my operation. I knew it wouldn't be easy but I honestly didn't expect to feel like this. Thank God for the pain killers! Like my sexy stockings I have to wear for the next couple of days?


I did get a nice surprise today though - my Graze Box has arrived! I was very wary about signing up for one, especially since I'm an incredibly fussy eater. I think I binned a lot of the items on offer, so I'm a bit restricted on what I can be sent! But if I like them, then I think I'll carry on with them. For £3.49, it's not that bad a price! Especially if you have more choice than me!

I've yet to try any of them - but my boyfriend already has his eye on a honeycomb flapjack (the cheek!) so I shall let you know in my next post how I get on :)

If you want to sign up for your own Graze Box, go to their website and use this code to get your first box for free:


You can cancel it anytime too so give one a try and see what you think (:


1 comment

Emily said...

I did a trial where I got the first one free and the following two half price and I'd definitely recommend the jaffa cake one...AMAZING!:)

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