15 July 2011

Spotty dotty

I'm absolutely rubbish when it comes to nails. I really am. My real nails are possibly the shortest you could ever see, seriously, they are DISGUSTING. And saying that doesn't motivate me to grow them. I have my moments when I stop biting them and they grow to the point I can finally use them to tap on the table or even scratch (which doesn't sound nice but hey) and I get really happy... and then something stressful or upsetting happens, 2 days later and bye bye lovely nails!

Unfortunately, this month has been like the latter part of my story... So I'm back to the beginning. I will have beautiful long nails one day. I WILL I WILL I WILL.

In the meantime, I stick some falsies on now and again. I usually use Kiss 100 Nails set in Short Square, but this time I've gone for Nailene (they were on offer but just as good!) Now, obviously with my lack of realness, I'm not an expert in nail art. Far from it. I've only ever painted my toe nails, but never had a go at any art... And because of my busy weekend just gone, I decided to experiment and have a go at some polkadots using cotton wool buds to create the spottyness... I also tried out Gem's technique sticking each nail on an end of a cotton bud to paint them... But one of my thumb nails kept falling off when I was painting it, and I made a big mess of it! I blame the sellotape I used, not me ;)

I was also in a BIG rush to do them, so I don't have many photos... All I have is the finished product! And here it is...

Jewellery: Beaverbrooks and Accessorise
Base: Models Own's Blooboo
Polkadots: ELF in White

Not bad for a first try, eh? (: even if the polkadots are all different sizes... and some don't even look like dots! Oopsie! And yes, my cuticles are a state. Anyone recommend a good cream or oil to recover my cuticles? :)


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Megan Blair said...

cute they look vintage perfect for summer :)

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