26 August 2011

Bon voyage - see you in a week!

I'm now off on holiday for a week. Starting tomorrow, I will be in Cornwall sunning it up and getting tanned. Trust the UK weather to go downhill when it's my break...

I've got my bag packed, various toiletries and make-up at the ready, and this little beauty.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago off eBay for £30! THIRTY POUNDS?! I used to use these cameras (but a much older version) at university, and have wanted to own one ever since. It's in amazing condition and still in utter disbelief that for once I actually found a bargain. The risk paid off!

I won't be taking my beast of a Nikon D60, only my digital camera, as I plan to use my Flip camera for the majority of the holiday. I miss recording things, and because I've felt ill this week, I thought I'd make up for it by creating a little video of my trip to Falmouth. (: so keep an eye out for a new post from me. Hopefully it will be the start of a sequence of vlogs! Fashion and beauty related of course - I'm not turning into a technology geek on here, even if I am a little bit of one anyway. I'll keep that for Twitter!

I've scheduled a couple of posts for during the week, so don't abandon me just yet ;) I've actually been very organised for a change - yay!

Are you doing anything fun this bank holiday? See you all in a week! baiii!


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