10 August 2011

Feng shui day

Shirt: Bank
Jeans: Topshop
Sandals: Faith

Seriously still loving this caped shirt. I bought in the sale from Bank a while ago, and I do believe this is it's second showing on here now.. Can't help it. I lav it. The only annoyance with this shirt is how unbelievably easy it is to get creased. I think I'd need to carry a travel iron in my bag if I was going anywhere nice... And it's pretty impossible to wear a jacket over it, because you guessed it, the sleeves roll up, along with the entire shirt, and hey presto! More damn creases. Other than that, I'm so happy I took that random walk into Bank and spotted it. Impulse buy WIN.

I've been super busy reorganising my room. I haven't been sleeping very well for the past, well, year maybe? I have my moments when I sleep okay, and then majority of the time I wake up at least 3 times. Most of the time, for no reason whatsoever. But anyway, I decided to feng shui it up and it looks pretty good to be fair. Moved my bed away from the bay window, and I'm hoping to stick a desk in there so I can get my writing skills out properly. Again. WIN.

Before I leave you, check out my Groupon post on customising an old t-shirt (: I can't remember if Gem ever did a similar 'Tuesday tip' on doing that, but I did take inspiration from her after I read her DIY shorts post. Probably the only DIY post I'll do on Groupon.. I can't say I'm an expert at that kind of thing!

P.S. My thoughts are with everyone who were affected in any way, shape or form, by the UK riots this week. ♥

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Jilian said...

i love that outfit

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