09 August 2011

Givenchy Demesure Audacious Lashes - the truth!

Anyone got this month's Cosmopolitan? If you have, you may have noticed a certain someone on a certain page 181... Yep. ME ;) But seriously, as proud as I am to be featured in there, I'm not bragging about it.

This blog post is purely to show you the REAL truth about Givenchy's Demesure Audacious Lashes mascara. My thoughts that are published in Cosmo were edited a bit... And I really wanted to let you all know EXACTLY what I thought about it.

via Temptalia

Looks good, right? Wrong.
Do. Not. Buy. This. Mascara.

I'll go into more detail... At first glance, I was very excited to receive this mascara to try out. I mean, it's Givenchy for Gods sake! And at a pricey £22, what could go wrong?! Well, as a matter of fact, a lot went wrong with it.

The packaging was really nice and professional. I was drawn into this mascara, very intrigued and couldn't wait to test it out. Looking at it at first glance, I was pretty confused so had to read the trusty instructions inside!

The first brush is to create a thick covering of mascara on your eyelashes to begin with. Afterwards, you turn the base of the cap to bring out the 'apparently' clean brush to separate your lashes and adds definition. The edge of the brush, called the 'finishing tool' is to work at each lash separately to add precision to your overall look.

What did I get when I followed the ways of application? This...

The first brush completely covered in gloopy mascara.

The first look at the second brush... Also covered in mascara and therefore impossible to use to 'clean up and define' your eyelashes!

Turning the brush back in, mascara spills out the sides and the finishing tool being harder to use unless cleaned.

gloop gloop gloopy gloop. (after a bit of tidying up, still got clumps!)

Maybe I just had a faulty mascara and the second brush is as clean as it should be.. and therefore you don't end up in a big clumpy mess! All I know is, after one go at this mascara, I threw it in the bin and didn't look back.

I'm so relieved I didn't spend £22 of my own money and risk buying a mascara that doesn't achieve what it promises you. I just wanted to share with you exactly what I thought of it and to spread the word to just be wary of it before you buy it!

Have you tried out this mascara before? What do you think?



Whimsical Wolf said...

That mascara looks terrible, what a waste of money that would have been D: I guess the onlty good thing isd that you got featured in a mag though, well done! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

my Givenchy perfum - never worked - debehams does not help - Givenchy sales people do the minimum - Customer is left in dispair - After sales is so bad in shops - too bad for customer - Merry Christmas, next time , will do without them. M.

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