01 August 2011

It's all about Matte nails...

I've been using fake nails a lot lately... I guess you could say I've had a big relapse in terms of breaking my 'nail biting' habit, which I will firmly blame on the operation and job hunting.

Decided to paint my nails at the weekend, but couldn't decide between two colours... So I chose to do both!

I used Models Own in Peach Puff and Beauty UK Glam Nails in Pink Explosion... The latter was sent to me by Zoe after winning second prize in her 500 follower giveaway - it was an added extra and a lovely surprise in the post, so I just had to try it out! It's a gorgeous bright pink colour and adds a bit of BOOMPH (I seem to like using that word lately... If it is even a word) to my nails. Never used Beauty UK before either so I'm very impressed and might have to invest in some more of their products. As for Peach Puff, it's subtle and kind of understated - I've been using it for job interviews as it looks more profesh, but I'm starting to really like it now.

After painting them, I received my ELF order (which I will go into on a future blog post), which meant I finally got some Matte Finisher polish! I love matte nails but never got round to doing it... Until now.

It's only £1.50 (absolute BARGAIN) and works a dream. Just apply it as a top coat and it'll give your nails a lovely matte look compared to it's usual shinyness. I may be a bit late joining the bandwagon for matte nails, but I'll be using this a lot now!

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