13 August 2011

last friday night

Dress: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Tights: Boots
Shoes: River Island
Necklace and rings: danijewellery
Earrings: Babi-Online
Nails: Models Own's Feeling Blue & ELF's Matte Finisher Polish

This outfit is a week late, but I still wanted to post it because I love it so much! I bought this in the latest Topshop sale for £12 - bargain! Tunics are usually too short for me to wear as a dress but this one is a perfect length. Although after half an hour of wearing it, I spilt nail polish on it. FAIL. At least it was blue on blue though... else I would have done a little cry.

Last weekend, I celebrated being with Tris, the boyfriend, for 2 years... I went down to Bath to see him and wandered round for the day, taking in the 'culture' of the city, finishing with going out for a meal at this lovely Italian restaurant called Martini (couldn't recommend enough!) This weekend, I'm finishing my room by building a new bookcase. Rock and roll. Tris has decided to surprise me by coming home for the weekend too though, so I'm a busy bee again!

Got loads of posts lined up soon - finally getting inspired and motivated to work on my blog a lot more than the last few months. YAY.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! (:



Steph0188 said...

Lovely dress, I thought it was separates for a while
The blue is lovely.
Glad you had fun in Bath, it is such a lovely city x

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