15 August 2011

life is a flower

Leggings: Topshop
Loafers: NEXT
Teacuo necklace: my shop!

As much as these shoes remind me of granny slippers, I absolutely love them! They're so comfortable and go with pretty much everything. I bought them for £15 in the NEXT sale - WIN! I've had this tunic dress for 2 years but hardly wear it now. I have to wear leggings underneath because it's a bit translucent so need to save my dignity! The top half is a bit risky to wear during the day, so I usually wear a cardigan on top.

I've just been swatching the life out of my hand - got so many reviews coming up ;) Now I've got my desk in my room, I've had a burst of motivation to get on with things! I'm worried that the sheer mix of products, both skin care and make-up, will react on my hand soon. It currently feels very soft though so yay!

And to end on a random note: I really want to start doing pilates but I can't afford to go to a class at the moment. Does anyone know of any decent DVDs out there? I've looked on Amazon and there's hundreds! Eek I don't do choices.



Aisling said...

Darcey Bussell is really good! I don't think it's too expensive either!! :)

Merlins Beard said...

I love those shoes , they do look really comfy ! xx

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